MPUVN and Cleantech Solar PPA signed to generate energy from a 650 kWp solar plant


Following the historic success last year by MPUVN with regards to setting up of Rs. 1.58/kWh for Power Grid Corporation of India in its RESCO I rooftop solar tender which is one-fourth of the amount the consumers pay; and the signing of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for 291 government colleges and 12 government universities in the state at one stroke, today marks another landmark day wherein solar developer, Cleantech Solar Energy (India) Private Ltd. has signed PPA with MPUVN to implement a 650 kWp project under the RESCO model at Central Academy of Police Training (CAPT), which is situated close to Bhopal and is under the administrative control of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The estimated CO2 emission reduction is approximately 13,550 metric tonnes over project cycle of 25 years, which is equivalent to planting 6698 trees or reducing C02 emissions from 163 cars. The estimated annual savings to CAPT from this project will be approximately Rs. 43 lakhs, while the estimated lifetime savings is approximately Rs. 5.84 crores.


To kick-start the solar journey in the state with vigour and dedication; and to commemorate the efforts of the government in reaching 1.38/kWh, the lowest tariff achieved by the state under its RESCO II program, a formal foundation stone laying ceremony was held today at CAPT in presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri. Kamal Nath; Director General of International Solar Alliance, Mr. Upendra Tripathi; Hon’ble Minister of Power Shri Priyavrat Singh; Minister of New and Renewable Energy Department (NRED); Shri Harsh Yadav; Principal Secretary of NRED Madhya Pradesh Mr. Manu Srivastava, (I.A.S.); Director General Police, Shri V.K Singh, CAPT Director, Shri Pankaj Shrivastava; Chairman of Cleantech Solar, Mr. Raju Shukla and other stakeholders of SUPRABHA (Sustainable Partnership for Rooftop Acceleration in Bharat) TA program. Following the foundation ceremony, the PPA was signed between Cleantech Solar and MPUVN on the rooftop solar project in CAPT building.

In this addressal speech, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri. Kamal Nath said, “Having attended the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 as the Environment Minister, climate change was not addressed the way it is addressed today. Non-conventional energy was not emphasized the way it is now. Solar power, Wind power was fashionable back then. Since then, there has been a quantum change and we are at the anvil of a new solar revolution and energy storage will be the next breakthrough to integrate renewable energy better.  I congratulate MPUVN for being an exemplary example to steer the renewable energy initiatives in the state with dedication and commitment to provide cost efficient clean energy. Taking the initiative forward, I also announce that Madhya Pradesh will recognize countries that excel in solar pumps with support of ISA with the Vinoba Bhave Award”

Speaking on the occasion, H.E Mr. Upendra Tripathi, Director General of International Solar Alliance said, “It is good to see the enthusiasm towards clean energy and I am honoured to be part of this ceremony today. This is an encouraging act for the rest of the countries to follow and harness solar power.  Light is empowering and doesn’t discriminate. We are talking about an economy that talks about solar stories. Going forward, both Madhya Pradesh government and ISA will work together, and I envision several stakeholders along with PSUs to come together and work here. It will be a privilege for ISA to provide MP all the necessary support to become a lead in solar energy and pave the path for rest to follow.”

MPUVN’s efforts are praiseworthy to have upscaled the use of RESCO model across the state and benefit the consumers in terms of reduced tariffs and at the same time remove the responsibility of capital investment or hassles related to infrastructural care. Aimed at faster adoption of solar rooftops in the country, the success of the RESCO model has empowered the state to provide solar energy to the beneficiaries, at zero capital investment and at rates much below the prevailing DISCOM rates. With the design, supply and installation, along with comprehensive Operation & Maintenance to be undertaken by the contractor for the project life of 25 years, the savings could be used for improvement of infrastructure by the building instead.

Madhya Pradesh aims to lead and fulfill the commitment made by the Prime Minister to the world, of having 100 GW solar by the year 2022. Today’s ceremony marks a celebration of the hardwork undertaken by the nodal agency and at the same time a continuity to work towards harnessing renewable energy.

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