Mitti Cafe’s team of adults with disability serving meals to the needy

Mitti Café is an award-winning non-profit organisation started by Kolkata girl Alina Alam. Mitti runs a chain of cafes managed completely by adults with physical and intellectual disability.Their warriors with disabilities in this pandemic have cooked and served over 2 million meals to the poor and vulnerable communities and homeless groups,thereby proving the magic of abilities as a result of economic independence and dignity .
Mitti’s specially abled team members are serving meals everyday to hospital healthcare workers,poor covid patients,to daily wage earning families and families of sex workers in Sonagachi who have lost all means to livelihood and to the homeless in Kolkata, Sunderabans and Bangalore.
Everyday Mitti’s specially abled team members are cooking and serving over 5000 meals to the most needy, thereby showing the magic of abilities and empowerment with every meal served.

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