To provide unhindered education and to raise a beacon of hope in this pandemic darkness among children, less privileged, the young NSS student-volunteers of the FSNM, HD, Commerce and Management departments under guidance from their teachers embarked on their Mission Saksharta signifying education for all.

Education has always been an integral part of community service. The pandemic has magnified this need for education among lesser privileged children, as many do not have access to online education or financially unable to afford it. The NSS team of JDBI Kolkata in collaboration with several NGOs have taken-up a social initiative (under its ISR mission) to coach lesser privileged children living in slums of Kolkata thorough a virtual platform.

From extending help in completing homework, to interactive and fun play sessions, story-telling and drawing and craft lessons, students of the college are training young children during this month long initiative. The sessions focus on academics as well as overall development including mental health.

Participating NGOs

  1. Child Rights & You (CRY)
  2. Calcutta Social Project
  3. Parichay-Ek-Pehchan
  4. Jungle Crows

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