Mining technology for future growth

Workforces, processes, and advances in technology are constantly changing and evolving industries around the world. When used to streamlined processes or increase efficiency, technology can make the difference for a business being more successful than competitors that are slower to adopt and implement new technologies. The mining industry is no exception. Though the mining industry has been slower to adopt new technologies, advancements are offering greater ore recovery, flexibility in mining operations, increased productivity, greater safety, and lowering costs.

Given the competitive landscape associated with the mining industry, along with the ever increasing need for digging to greater depths, gaining an economic advantage to ensure the economic viability of mining operations is now more important than ever. For mining companies to remain competitive, this will require further innovative designs and technologies that improve the capability, efficiency, and reliability of mining systems responsible for sensing, analyzing, extraction, and refinement.


The biennial Asian Mining Congress, MINING, GEOLOGICAL AND METALLURGICAL INSTITUTE OF INDIA (MGMI)  showpiece event, is one of such endeavors, being organized since 2006, its centenary year. As the world opens up post-Covid, MGMI is organizing the9th Asian Mining Congress during April4 – 7, 2022 in physical mode at the BISWA BANGLA CONVENTION CENTRE & ECO PARK, New Town, Kolkata (WB), India, encouraging normalization. In tune with today’s Global Call the Theme of this Congress is kept as“Technological Advancements in Mining Industry: Status and Challenges”.

The objective of the Congress is to focus on Asia, the World’s largest continent, whichis also the World’s largest producers of minerals. With huge area and diversity of geological set up in Asia, it is likely that every kind of deposit is present in this continent. The outlook for mine development is very promising and it plays a major role in the Global Economy to achieve its full potential.

The Congress will provide a forum for promotion and support of Techno-Scientific cooperation towards National and International progress in the areas for mineral production, in addition to the development of new opportunities of sustainable business that will benefit both Asian and World communities. It is expected that over 500 delegates from India and from various countriesin Asia and other continentswill visit the Congress and the Exhibition that is being held concurrently.

In this Congress, more than 58 Technical Papers will be discussed including 8 Keynote Addresses in 8 sessions. The Congress will come out with recommendations as guidelines for future use of the related industries. The Mineral Industry,likely to face various challenges would share some of the viewpoints.

In the 9th International Mining, Equipment, Minerals and Metals Exhibition (IME 2022) this year,with about 300 stalls from around the world, including from leading Indian industries, expect to have more than 10,000 footfalls from India and Overseas. The partner country and focus country this year are Germany and Australia respectively, with Gujarat as the partner state all being present with large participation.  It is an ideal platform for display of equipment, products and technology innovations, to establish and renew international and regional networking, providing opportunities for joint ventures, investments and launch of new initiatives.

Both the events are expected to be a dazzling show courtesy the untiring efforts of the MGMI team.

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