Milaap introduces free fundraising

Starting this eve of Independence Day, Milaap is introducing a 0% platform fee for the upcoming festive season. During this time, Milaap’s free platform will make it easy for more people to get the direct help they deserve, as quickly as possible.


“In the past few months, as the crisis of the COVID pandemic unfolded, we have witnessed an unprecedented wave of generosity from people. Thousands raised funds on Milaap to help lakhs of people in distress. We made Milaap free for all relief related fundraisers as a token of gratitude. Therefore, it made perfect sense for extending this 0% fee to all fundraisers, in the upcoming festive season,” said Mayukh Choudhury, Co-Founder and CEO of Milaap.


Choudhury added, “10 years into our journey, we are taking the belief in our community to the next level. With this 0% platform fee, we will rely on voluntary tips from our donors to help with the costs associated with providing our best-in-class customer service, trust & safety protections, and social fundraising technology.”


Milaap puts highest priority in users’ success and security in order to make online fundraising easier, faster, and more trusted. Milaap will do what works best for its donor community of more than 30 Lakh while continuing to provide the best experience, support and product for the fundraisers.


This 0% Milaap platform fundraising fee will be applicable to all fundraisers, which had a 5% platform fee for fundraising: personal causes and charitable organizations alike.


So far, over 1.4 Lakh people from across the world have contributed nearly 25 Crore through Milaap for causes from Kolkata.


Indrani Roy Mitra, joint managing director of the 87-year-old College Street publisher Mitra & Ghosh who raised funds for Boipara in the aftermath of Cyclone Amphan said, “The sight of Amphan-struck Boi Para, with books and pages floating around and book sellers howling over the sight of the entire year’s profit drifting away was devastating. With the recent pandemic and subsequent lockdown, this was the last nail in the coffin. It was then that a friend recommended crowdfunding on Milaap. In a span of 2-3 days, the fundraiser received about Rs. 6 Lakh, and word spread across the world like wildfire. I had no idea so many people knew about Milaap, and was completely baffled by the big, reputed names like KKR and Ruskin Bond who came forward from across the world to save boipara. The campaign received over 24 lakh, of which we have used 17 Lakh to give  over 170 small publishers grants of Rs. 10,000 each, and the rest has been kept aside for a Boi Para Welfare society which is in its final stages of formation.”


Ashok Raut, who raised funds for the treatment of his daughter’s cancer relapse said, “When my daughter was first diagnosed, I did not know about crowdfunding, but the second time, it was the hospital that told me about it. In fact, they also helped me with the fundraising process. What really happens in such a situation is that the income stops and expenses increase a lot. To what extent can you arrange money within that short span? With crowdfunding, it is beautiful how small amounts can become such a big sum, and to know that the people who give are not even expecting the money back. The best way to address a big problem is this. We share it. The burden is split. We get the funds raised  for us, and the process is really transparent.


Kallol Ghosh, who started India’s first cafe run by HIV+ teenagers, said, “All of us here at Anadaghar are overwhelmed by the efforts made by Milaap in connecting me to people across the world who perhaps never knew about this initiative. Milaap has created a wonderful platform through their stupendous efforts to connect contributors to beneficiaries. Without this effort from Milaap, Cafe Positive would have never seen the new dawn after it closed during Pandemic.  Milaap has helped these orphan children living with HIV realise their dream of opening a Cafe to share a “Coffee beyond boundaries”.



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