Merlin Group celebrates the 75th Independence Day with a digital contest on freedom of expression

As the nation marches towards its 75th independence day celebration, that time of the year when freedom becomes the national anthem. With Independence Day coming up this weekend, can there be a better time to ask ourselves what’s their idea of the spirit of freedom? What does freedom imply to us. This is the time to ask ourselves what is my contribution to the spirit of freedom .

Taking cue from this , Merlin Group , has announced a unique contest for the residents of Merlin Apartments across Kolkata celebrating the spirit of our Independence day. All the residents have to do are to share their independence stories from their lives and livelihood in a capsule of 2 to 3 minutes and share with Merlin Social Club . Merlin will select best clipping and provide the lucky resident a rare opportunity to be the brand ambassador of any project . The winner will be featured in the visual story telling communications of Merlin brands and projects. The contest will start from nad will end on .

All 100 residents can participate in the unique spirit of freedom contest. The participants need to post their video on Merlin social page – Speaking about the format and the essence of the contest with the theme on freedom of expression , Mr. Saket Mohta, MD of Merlin Group, said, “ Independence day is not just another holiday. Freedom brings responsibilities. It is the time to remind ourselves and resolve to be responsible citizens and to attain freedom of mind and speech and expression.

Living by the ideals our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for would be the true tribute to them. That would mean celebrating Independence Day in the true spirit of freedom. I truly believe the freedom of expression contest among our valued residents would give them an occasion to relive their old memories and become more creative. This initiative would strengthen the bond among the Merlin group and our valued residents”.

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