Men Have many things to do! Let’s Save the Planet First!!

“For over 15 years, I have dedicated my life to inspire and help people green their surroundings and live a healthy life in harmony with Nature.
About sixteen years back, I scaled down my roaring International trading and established Green Mall near Kolkata on 11 acres of land. For the first time, a “Garden Centre” is set to make available all the stuff needed for gardening, including 2500 varieties of plants.
I have been conducting several training programs to teach home-gardening to school children, homemakers, gardeners, landscapers, horticulturists, and job seekers.
I established the “Safal Jivan Institute” to impart field training to youth to build a career as “Green Entrepreneurs.” Every year I organized massive get-togethers at the Green Mall campus as “Green Day.” Results were astounding, and hundreds were inspired to go green. Due to Corona, this year, “Green Day” could not be organized.
I conducted the profound survey and found that most people living in city apartments desire to have a home garden or a kitchen garden, or a rooftop garden. But they find it challenging as they do not get proper Malis or gardeners. To find a solution to this challenge, after seven years of research, I authored my third book, “Green Your Surroundings” the book provides end-to-end solutions and guidance for people to live green and healthy. An easy-to-read and follow handbook which can be understood even by a student of 7th Standard.
My explorations in this field continued, and in 2019 I introduced the concept of “Instant Home Garden with Ready Pot Plants.” Ready packages were made available for Rooftop Terrace, Balconies, Indoors, Kitchen Garden, Air-purifying Plants, Vastu Plants, Feng-shui Plants, Fruit Plants, and lucky plants. After the outbreak of Corona, the world has changed a lot.
•       People are locked inside their homes.
•       Protecting health has become a severe concern
•       Physical activity is restricted
•       Helpful utilization of time has become a concern for the family.
They can make excellent use of this “Stay at Home” by spending time on home gardening. It would make their home greener and healthier, and they can engage in the best hobby of gardening.
I spent months finding a solution and spend lakhs to acquire knowledge and skills to make “live and interactive” presentations so that people can become expert home gardeners without even stepping out of their house.
Now that the second phase of Corona has emerged in 2021, I strongly suggest that city dwellers must take this training and learn a beneficial life-skill.”


Dinesh Rawat, Managing Trustee,Prakriti Bandhu Trust     

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