Megastar is an absolutely rising star in india esport

Megastar is India’s one of the best PUBGM clan, who successfully went through to PMWL 2020. PMPL  2020 is the most shining stage for Megastar as of now where they have given the  best achievement for  overall 167 points,104 place points, 63 kills and 1 chicken dinner, respectively.


Before that megastar participated in various competitions including PUBG MAHAYUDH  Season 1, PMPL SA , Skyesports GrandSlam, Gamers without borders and  OR champion Cup who have enough experiences then burst energy in india esport.

The first show for Megastar on nimo tv is very worthy of attention. It is the first time for them to show on the livestream platform.




3rd July: Megastars team will have a gameplay show and make a lucky draw of giveaway for the fans.

6th July: The show will be a chance for the fans to play with Megastars which will have 2 classic matches and 2 arcade matches for playing PUBGM.

7th July: Megastars will invite top esports teams to play with them and 4 matches will be played and on different maps, then  winning team members will receive 180UC each and MVP from all matches combined will get Royale Pass.


It is worthy for every india esport fan to follow up the development of Megastars who is possibly to be the king of  indian eSport.

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