Martial Arts Experts felicitated with ” National Hall of Fame” award

Indian Karate Association and Martial Arts Jagat magazine today jointly organized ” Hall of Fame” award ceremony at press club, kolkata.

It was a prestigious event recognizing and honoring those who have made a contribution to the martial arts.For many in the martial arts community it was an evening of celebration and fellowship among the martial artists who has known each other for a long time. The entire event is focused on providing due respect to Martial Artists, in the presence of fellow Martial Artists from various fields.

Hall of Fame Award was presented to Pervez Khan,Trainer of Bollywood Celebrities and other martial art coaches from Kerala,Madras,Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar,Jharkhand,Kolkata ,Indore, including Dr. Siddiq Mehmoodi (Hydrabad), Arif C P ( Kerala),Tejveer singh (Delhi), Tiger Nasim Khan (Katihar, Bihar), Sanjay M. Athavale (Mumbai), Sensei Giri Rao (Raipur, Chhattisgarh), Md. Arif (Delhi), Shihan Santosh Kumar (Dhanbad, Jharkhand), Ravindra Bhandakkar (Gadchiroli, MH) and Muthu Rama Lingum (Chennai).

“I am deeply pleased and honored to receive this prestigious award. I sincerely thank the organisers.”said Pervez Khan. Dr. Siddiq Mehmoodi  said,” “I would request parents to allow their children to take part in martial arts as it makes them disciplined, determined, and self-confident for the challenges of life ahead”.


During the event Indian Karate Association felicitated Indian Karate Team for World Meet 2022 Thailand and released a book, named “Women in Martial Art”. Chief guest of the programme was Mukhtar Ali (General Secretary WB TMC Minority Cell) and TMC leader Ashok Chakraborty (Mana da). Women Karate Champion Ayesha Noor and Syed Alam, (Editor,Martial art Jagat) were also present. On this occasion M A Ali (President, Indian Karate Association) said “This award ceremony is to appreciate their contribution to the field of martial arts.I want every girl to learn martial arts and use it as a tool for self-protection and defend themselves against the bad elements of the society. Young girls in the city are embracing a self-defense training under karate champion Ayesha Noor who is  also known as ‘golden girl’ of Kolkata.”

Sayeed Alam of  Martial Arts Jagat magazine said “We are gathered here to recognize the achievements and hard work of martial arts experts.”

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