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West Bengal’s perennial quest for knowledge, excellence, and innovation coupled with its sustained emphasis on quality school education is making the state as new talent powerhouse of the world. Inaugurating Oswaal Books Roundtable on school education, Minister-of-State, Department of Youth Services and Sports Laxmi Ratan Shukla said state’s children possess enormous potential, and have demonstrated incredible abilities to excel in diverse fields.


“We must ignite in them the passion to conquer the world, and the best time to do this is during their school education,” Shukla said.


Education in schools is now at a crucial crossroad. With internet enabling divergent streams of knowledge at the touch of a button, it is important to evaluate our own education system and re-design it to provide effective learning framework to the new generation of children. “We have to enable our children to be future ready to face the challenges of tomorrow,” said DrChandanMitra, former MP and one of country’s stalwarts of journalism.

Principals, teachers, learning experts, journalists, parents and students participated in the 7th Oswaal Books Roundtable, the outcome of which will be submitted as a Set of Recommendations to the state government. A special Oswaal Books-Fijeeha 10-point Charter on Effective Learning was also unveiled by distinguished guests.


Prashant Jain, Marketing Director, Oswaal Books said, “Through the guidelines we wish to contribute constructively to the intellectual strength and abilities of teachers and parents. By minor tweaking in the way we approach learning, we can make a world of difference.” Ideas like engaging children in creative pursuits, multifaceted disciplinary approach, identifying core strengths of children, planned classroom lessons, fostering enthusiasm for the subject among students, focused collaboration and emphasis on a mix of text books and helps books are some of the highlights of the Effective Learning framework that are highlighted in this Charter.


Prashant Jain added, “Children in West Bengal are incredibly talented and it comes naturally to them, given the state’s rich academic, cultural and historical legacy. While we all know the challenges facing children, it is pertinent we collectively take corrective measures including reforms in curriculum, reorienting text books to accommodate changing external environment, and better integration of technology tools in enabling learning to realize this potential.”

“This is the 7th edition ofOswaal Books Roundtable and we intend to conduct three such roundtables every year in order to connect more teachers, principals, students and stakeholders from government. We are glad that over last nine years and six such roundtables later, we have established ourselves as an important voice across 6 states – Delhi, Bihar, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka – worked closely with 1000 bright teachers, students, parents, policy makers and journalists,” Prashant Jain explained further.


“As we get into a new societal paradigm – dynamic, divergent and distinctive – and where school education is crying for innovation and new designs, it is time for all stakeholders to come together to discuss on the way forward and this dialogue is a step in that direction,” said DrNavneet Anand, President, Forum for Indian Journalists on Education, Environment, Health & Agriculture (Fijeeha), a development communication forum.


Oswaal Books also reiterated its commitment to continue to contribute to education needs of children. “We diligently keep examining the changing milieu as well as guidelines of state governments and different boards, and keep innovating as per the needs of today’s students. Our books are scientifically designed and curated to ensure that the next generation of students are empowered with knowledge and skills that will make them ready to face the demands of higher education,” added Prashant Jain.


“It is both humbling and delightful to think of the children who grow up with our books, for whom Oswaal Books is a happy companion in their quest for learning. As an organisation engaged in publishing quality books for over six decades now, we have always felt it important to seek ideas from stakeholders and this is reflected in our materials,” added Swaati Jain, Editorial Director, Oswaal Books.


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