Make way for the Shining Sikh of India – Navjyot Singh Gurudatta

There is so much to rejoice in the world around us today, even amidst the many trying times that we have been facing. Things definitely are turning positive gradually, and there is so much to take inspiration from around us. Especially, the youth of India has been making waves with whatever they have chosen to do in their careers and lives. Amongst these, no one can deny the incessant hard work and consistent efforts of the Sikhs in India, who have been creating milestones in their respective industries.
Talking about Navjyot Singh Gurudatta, this young Indian talent was recently published amongst the many other Sikh talents of our country with a personalized cover page of an outstanding book, for the Sikhs, to the Sikhs and by the Sikhs. The book has been written by Dr Prabhleen Singh, the Administrative Officer, Punjab University, Patiala, covering the life, struggles, achievements and impeccable works of the Sikhs in our country from across various niches and industries.
Navjyot Gurudatta also made it to the same, known as the Shining Sikh of India, who also has a world record to his name, flying the Sikh Flag “Nishan Sahib” in the sky, at about 13,000 feet above sea level and creating the world record for being the only one to achieve it.
In the book, the Shining Sikh youth of India, the writer has marked out the incredible works of various Sikhs in our country, right from Harbhajan Singh, Harshdeep Kaur, S. Harpreet Singh Sahni to many others. The book carefully explains the different journeys and achievements of the top 100 most powerful and influential Sikhs in the world, under the age of 30, explaining how they reached where they are, how they have contributed to their industries and what is their big message to the youth.
Navjyot Singh Gurudatta, too, was celebrated with this book for his astute mind and immense passion for the digital world as a rising digital entrepreneur, who spearheads his company ‘MasterKey Media’, considered as the best digital marketing company in Dubai, for its best social media and digital marketing services.
Navjyot Singh Gurudatta has truly risen to the top as a Shining Sikh of India that the world must know more about.

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