MAKAUT, WB Hosted an Event on National Science Day

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal has recently hosted an event on the occasion of National Science Day at their main Campus (Haringhata) with the objective of spreading a message on the importance of science and its applications among the student fraternity. The University exhibited innovative projects created by its student community on that day. As the theme of this year’s Science Day Celebrations is ‘Women in Science’, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra has decided to place all the female faculty members under the limelight. The organization of the event witnessed women at the frontline and the programme was inaugurated by one of the female faculty members.

Every year on February 28, India celebrates National Science Day to remember famous scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, better known as CV Raman. He is best known for the discovery of the Raman Effect on this day back in 1928. For this groundbreaking discovery, Sir CV Raman was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930. National Science Day was celebrated for the very first time on February 28 of 1987 to pay tribute to the great Indian scientist.

The University also arranged for some conventional awards ceremony. Different promising projects were displayed by the students to the EKTA incubation centre for start-up assistance and mentoring. The main intention of organising the event was to encourage entrepreneurial spirit among the students and alumni community by providing a launching platform to the community in EXPLORA-2020 to display their technical talent and demonstrate their innovative ideas. The students from different institutions were present over there to showcase their talent through this program. As per the theme the program was hosted by the women and the entire responsibility was in the hands of women only.

 The function was guided by a chain of experts from the different fields presented their views and ideas which will help the students in the upcoming years. All affiliated Colleges faculty members were present at the event to motivate the students of the respective institution regarding the same.

Dr. Subhabrata Roy Choudhuri and Dr. Sushil Pareek were the two coordinators of the event.

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