MAKAUT, WB Follows the Concept of “LOCAL “ over “ GLOBAL “

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB has taken its latest novel initiative of educating the students who are making their way to India from international university in this pandemic situation, by offering to continue their courses with the foreign and Indian faculty at a minimal cost . Additionally, the students will also be empowered to make use of the libraries / laboratories and other such practical means for an overall wholesome experience. Most of the students studying in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the other part of the world are stranded in those countries because their universities have closed down and they have made hefty payments for these courses. They are in a difficult situation and MAKAUT is trying its best to ease through their offerings to overcome their uncertain future.


Due to the pandemic, their financial state is very uncertain at present. They don’t have money for food, lodging. Due to this crisis the entire education structure in abroad is getting hampered.  The university doesn’t know when they will again reopen, online classes are happening but that also not on a regular basis. They are suspecting that the condition is not going to improve soon. In this dreadful situation all internships have also been cancelled and of course there are no jobs available too. The pandemic has put a stop button in the careers of the students and MAKAUT wants to keep the education active and going to make the students positive and overcome all their present difficulties.

The students can now avail all the international online classes through the efficient faculty of MAKAUT along with practical lessons and the university will also provide them with certificate after completion their respective courses.

Dr. Saikat Maitra, Vice Chancellor of MAKAUT, WB said that, “We are glad that MAKAUT has come up with such great initiatives where they will give a chance to these foreign students to complete their studies in their respective colleges at a very reasonable cost through a proper planning and implementation. This will not let their studies get hampered and at the same time will also create a new dimension for their career”.

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