Maire Tecnimont Group and Leonardo signed an agreement aimed at supporting industrial evolution through the design of next-generation greenfield and brownfield plants in the transformation of natural resources and in green chemistry sectors, providing integrated solutions for cyber security and for the digitalization of operational processes.

The agreement was signed today by Maire Tecnimont President Fabrizio Di Amato and Leonardo CEO Alessandro Profumo. The signing ceremony was held at Leonardo headquarters, attended by Pierroberto Folgiero, Maire Tecnimont Group CEO, and Tommaso Profeta, Managing Director of Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division. It aims to create a unique Italian design and engineering platform capable of becoming an international reference point for delivering turnkey industrial sites containing a high level of digital, cyber security, and technology to guarantee more sustainable products and processes.

The agreement – which includes an initial study phase of 24 months – will identify pilot projects in Italy and abroad to develop next-generation industrial sites, thanks to the synergy between Maire Tecnimont’s distinctive and technological skills in the engineering, construction and maintenance of large industrial plants, in green chemistry as well as in the digitalization of operational processes, and Leonardo’s strategic technologies in integrated security, infrastructure management and control platforms, telecommunications, and Industry 4.0.

In particular, Leonardo and Maire Tecnimont will collaborate in three areas. In cyber security, by supporting the end users of plants in the evaluation and mitigation of potential cyber risks during the design, construction and peration phases. In digitalization projects, integrating Leonardo’s Industry 4.0 solutions into Maire Tecnimont’s engineering and construction activities, physical security and telecommunications (including the application of 5G connectivity through proprietary solutions), to safely optimize the operational processes of the industrial sector and Maire Tecnimont Group itself. And contributing to the industrialization of the green economy, by leveraging Leonardo’s extensive production infrastructure in Italy and abroad, with Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiary NextChem providing its portfolio of cutting-edge “green chemicals” technologies and services in support of the energy transition. Specifically, the companies will collaborate on projects aimed at reducing the carbon and energy impact of production processes by adopting circular economy initiatives, as well as on the application of technologies for the production of SAF, Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

Fabrizio Di Amato, President of Maire Tecnimont, commented: “Our economic recovery depends on the innovative drive of Italian industrial and entrepreneurial excellence in support of digital transformation and the energy transition. Today we are combining the technological DNA of two complementary global leaders to set a common goal: driving the Italian industrial chain towards a sustainable future. It’s time to work together to reinvigorate and transform the production infrastructure, putting the distinctive skills, ingenuity and technological assets needed to industrialize digitalization and green chemistry at the service of Italy and worldwide.”

“The agreement we are signing today represents an important step for the dual digital and ecological transformations of the industrial system, and reflects a 360° view of sustainability, in which security plays a fundamental role,” commented Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo. “Digitalization, green evolution and physical and cyber security are at the heart of our Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030 Strategic Plan to make Leonardo a driver of sustainable technological innovation and the go-to partner for national security, by virtue of its consolidated expertise in the defense sector and, increasingly, thanks to investments in the technologies of the future.”


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