Lotus Rescue extending its centres in Kardah and Sunderban

In a country like ours, where it is impossible for the government to reach out to every sector of the mass, the voluntary sector bridges the gap between the government and the population of the country .

With the rise of the pandemic there was a big blow with the social structure and a different scenario altogether for the non profitable organization. However, with the onset of the pandemic there was nothing which was stopped at Lotus Rescue, the volunteers and the members were more focused in bringing out the best out of them to create and develope the time of distress into a better time for them and for others.

With the hope and courage to build a better future even in these difficult times the organisation recently extendeded their centres in two  places Kardah ( Thakur colony) and Sunderban (Boro Makhali).

Talking about the initiative the founder congratulated Mrs Saswati Ghosh the principal of Lotus rescue who had a huge role to play in this initiative.

The founder said- “This is Lotus rescue SUNDARBANS project , where we pledge to give them decent living conditions, harmoniously coexisting with their environment, employment and empowerment, food nutrition health and education”


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