London based Dr. Anand Gupta’s Production on Raja Rammohan gets appreciation from singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya

On the occasion of Raja Rammohan Roy’s 250th birth anniversary, a unique tribute evening ‘Charan Rekha Taba’ (Mystic Footprints) was held at Sri Ram Center jointly organized by Dakshinayan UK and Rabindra Kishore Sarkar. The production featured  artists of Kolkata-London. The concept of ​​this program  has been designed by Dr. Anand Gupta, Head of Dakshinayan UK. Raja Rammohan Roy’s monotheism in music speaks volumes for the way he preached and propagated it through music. Dr. Anand Gupta has shown the effect of Rammohan’s idea of ​​God on Rabindranath in songs and words. Various genres of Indian dance were combined with music in this event. The event took on another dimension with performances by eminent instrumentalists from Kolkata.

Among the Brahmo songs composed by Raja Rammohan Roy were Pran Sakha Hey (danced by Sangeeta Majumdar), Bipada Bhoy Baran (danced by Soma Ghosh), Bhoy Karile Jaare (danced by Sadananda Biswas), Rabindranath Nath’s Song like Jiban Jakhan Sukaye Jay – it got Chou dance style by Rakesh Sai. The team catches the eye. Averi Chaure, Dr. Anand Gupta were the commentators of the entire program. In instrumental music part Pandit Biplab Mandal (Percussion), Pandit Subrata Babu Mandal (Keyboard), Ustad Arshad Khan (Esraj), Ustad Fateh Ali Khan (Sitar) took the program to an another level.

At the end, noted singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya was among the special guests. He said, “I am impressed to see such a performance. I want to get the production being performed  during our Durga Puja in Mumbai. I  invite Dr. Gupta to do so.” Dr. Anand Gupta said, “This program will also be held in Delhi, Kolkata, Himachal Pradesh, London. There should be more discussion about the work of these two great people.”

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