Lok Jan Shakti Party to contest in 294 constituencies at the forthcoming Assembly Election of Bengal

Lok Jan Shakti Party will contest in 294 constituencies during the upcoming West Bengal assembly election. This was announced by West Bengal state president of the Lok Jan Shakti Party Mira Chakraborty at a Press conference at The Press Club, Kolkata on Friday. She added that “Brahmins, Kayasthas, and Vaishyas make up to 17% of the total population in West Bengal whereas O.B.C, S.T, S.C make up about 53% and Muslims belong to about 30% of the total population of West Bengal. But judging by the number of MLAs, the number of people representing this huge number of Dalits is very less. Our late Ramvilas Paswanji dreamed about the Dalit upliftment across India. In West Bengal, unfortunately, which has not been possible yet. “

Apart from Meera Chakraborty, Party president Parimal Chandra Biswas, General Secretary Ram Chandra Yadav, Selim Mulla, Youth President Joy Roy, Women President Kalpana Sen, Minority President Iqbal Mulla and others were also present at the Press Meet. More than a hundred leaders and activists from different districts and social organizations have also joined Lok Jan Shakti Party after being inspired by their values, intention, and motto today.

The Party President Mira Chakraborty added, “Lok Jan Shakti Party has always tried to ensure the well being of lower-middle-class people. At the Haldia Petrochemical of East Midnapore, 800 people have been employed after an investment of Rs5,200 crore. That means after investing Rs.13 crore one person gets employed. But if we shift to small scale industry or medium scale industry then three people can be employed after investing one crore rupee. The number of unemployed youth is 1.87 crore at present in Bengal.”

She also added, the state finance minister said that excise duty of Rs 600 crore was collected last year. In January this year, an excise duty of around Rs 1,500 crore was collected in the state. This not only shows the increase in revenue but also a massive increase in the number of alcoholics in the state. The current state government is working as a political bandit. This can be proved through the money allocated by the Government of India for the construction of houses under the “Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana”, from which nothing is left after consumption by the Panchayat’s daylight robbery. Recently, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal has introduced a health card named ‘Swasthasathi’. The present population of the state is about 100 million. Even if each of them gets the benefit of Rs 2 lakh from the health care department, it will still cost Rs 2,000 crore. But West Bengal government’s doesn’t have enough income to justify the scheme. It is a complete propaganda of fooling the people of Bengal. Previous Left Front government has incurred a debt of Rs 2 lakh crore in 34 years. But the present government has incurred a debt of Rs 3 lakh crore in 10 years. The present state government, which is in debt to the tune of Rs 5 lakh crore.

The Government of India has fixed the MSP on food grains at Rs.1868 per quintal.
In West Bengal, 90% of the farmers are medium or small in nature. The amount of land per farmer is only seven kathas. In that case, the average amount of land of farmers in Haryana and Punjab is 2 to 3 acres. Farmers in West Bengal, who cultivate less on a small plot of land, sell straw at a reduced price of Rs 400 per quintal because they do not have the capacity to sell in the big markets. According to the new agricultural policy, the central government has opened the Govt. purchasing camp, through which the farmers will be able to earn Rs. 20 more on the M.S.P. Among the 28 states in India, 26 did not join the movement against the new agricultural law. Only Punjab and Haryana are opposing it. But our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee extended her moral support towards the farmers in Punjab and Haryana. Isn’t this a deprivation to the farmers of West Bengal? “We at Lok Jan Shakti Party believe in secularism. Whose name is Ram or whose name is Rahim, it doesn’t bother us. We strongly want a change in the present state government, public interest protection should be introduced in the interest of the state. We are also strongly against strengthening the legacy of the dynasty politics.”

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