Lipstick Trends That Will Make You Stand Out

Runways and red carpets don’t just give rise to fashion trends, but they also set lipstick shades in vogue. A lipstick is an integral part of your look; it can make or break it. When a person looks at you, they first notice your face. So, to create a good impression, all you need is the right lipstick to enhance your face and complement your complexion. And just like fashion trends keep evolving, so do lipsticks trends. Here is a list of the lipstick trends of the season to try out that will help you create a statement look:

Glitter Lips


Metallic, super shiny lips are one of the biggest trends this year. Many brands have introduced glitter infused lipsticks such as the MAC Galactic Glitter & Gloss Lipglass and they are perfect for any season. Experiment with glitter lips in various shades for just the right level of extra in your look.



Matte Lips


Matte lipsticks are the easiest to wear. They are available in bold shades and can be carried off by one and all. If you’d like to experiment with your mattes, try out alternative shades of your favourite colours such as oxblood red or violet as part of your everyday look.

Gradient Lips

Gradient lips have become a favorite way to wear lipsticks in 2019. It is basically a way to make your lips look small, and your eyes look large. It can make you look innocent and pretty. You can use a crayon lipstick such as the Isadora Twist-Up Matt Lips to fill in the inside of your lips, then blend the colour towards the edge of the lips to achieve this effect. The gradient lip look was highly appreciated in the fashion industry in 2019. Crayon lipsticks are easy to use and available in a number of colour options.

Pearly Lips


This is a type of lipstick which will make your lips sparkle and will give it a very shiny, pearl-like effect. It is advisable to use a moisturizer when you put on this lipstick to moisturize your lips and ensure it lasts long. They’re perfect for a classy, yet party-ready look!

Neon Shades

Neon lipsticks are making a big comeback, and are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Experiment with colours like neon orange, purple, fuchsia, pink and peach. These lipsticks will make your face pop, yet can be carried easily by most. Try the MAC lipstick in Neon Orange to understand what we mean!

Two-Tone Lips


If you are really into experimenting, try the two-tone lipstick. With a swipe, you can get a darker colour for your inner lips and a lighter colour towards the edges. This trend is catching up in the fashion industry and it looks attractive and classy. However, you need to carefully choose the two colors, one for the top and the other for the lower lip. Pick two shades that are from the same family in order to get a two-dimensional look.


So, if a lipstick is your favourite cosmetic, make sure you try these trends (and others)! Experiment with your look and stand out from the crowd by flaunting a trendy lipstick with all your outfits. Select from a range of shades from Shoppers Stop online or visit their retail store.

Courtesy-Stylehub, Shoppers Stop


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