Lifestyle exhibition for a cause

Recently, Friends of Tribals Society organised Ekal Sangini, a fashion and lifestyle exhibition that goes beyond the conventional exhibits and gives you a cause.

“Ekal Sangini is a display that has its roots in a purpose greater than just shopping and finding our perfect fit. Friends of Tribals Society is an NGO that has its wings operating in 36 states nationwide and this exhibition is an effort to join hands with some of the biggest brands in the fashion, lifestyle and home decor industries. We have OTS one teacher school for which they can donate 22,000 for one school therfore, 30 schools which is one cluster, sponsprship is not a big task for them. That’s how we will uplift the rural tribal industries.” said the spokesperson.

The fund raised through this exhibition will be directed towards the 5 ayam:

1. Shiksha (Purpose of education)

2. Sanskar Kendra

3. Jaagran( Betterment in universal increase of underprivileged)

4. Gramouthan ( Organic plantation,kuthir udyog) (at present we have 8 GRC working)

5. Arogya Research Center.


Some of the brands on board are Karmakriti, Rahul & Anushka, Divya Seth, Soumodeep Dutta Label, Ansh by Anshu Modi, Elysiann Glorry, I AM by Dolly Jain, Laxmi Jewellers, to name a few.

The exhibition has been crafted to cater to each niche and has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for home decor to enrich your space, clothing pieces to elevate your look or accessories to complement your fit, Ekal Sangini is your one-stop destination. In the world full of fast fashion denoting so much to waste, we aim to build something sustainable which will enrich our resources”


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