Lee and Nee collaborated with WBSIDC For the implementation of the SAP B1

Often organisations use multiple software for Inventory, Sales/Purchase, HRMS etc WBSIDC is one of the few govt organizations in West Bengal to have implemented SAP for their operations.

WBSIDCL has the sole objective of promotion and growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises throughout the state of West Bengal by providing infrastructure and also by extending marketing support to the MSMEs having low investment capacities but high potentiality.

 Implementing SAP has benefitted them in maintaining all under a single platform. Also there is no question of data error in SAP B1 as data doesn’t need to be entered multiple times.

Implementing SAP has been beneficial for the organization multiple other ways.:

After implementation of SAP B1, they replaced all the existing softwares with SAP and doing all those transactions in it. This simplified their way of working and presently there is no further question of errors in data synchronization.

They were facing huge problem in reconciling the very basis data like – reconciliation of purchase and sales. Now there is no problem in the reconciliations of Sales, Purchase or Inventory reconciliation.

Maintaining Due date for statutory compliance has been super efficient as they can easily generate the required reports from SAP and file statutory compliances with in due time

We have also customized some of their processes to work fast. For example :  Bulk Sales order and Purchase Order customization – with the help of our customized screen they can now process 50/100 SO & PO within 10 -15 minutes, which usually takes 1-2 days to complete with individual manual fiddling

We are grateful to the authorities of WBSIDCL  for giving us the opportunity to contribute to their services of growth and promotion of MSMEs which results in increased revenue and employment generation. At Lee and Nee we aim to add value and empower growth for businesses and contribute to the GDP. This association with WBSIDCL has given us the exact platform to help them to empower the Socio – Economic development.

Timeline of the Project:


The project has been actively operational from November 2020.

We have already successfully implemented SAP B1 in the biggest division of the organization, which contributes 80% of the total turnover of the organization.

Benefits of SAP B1 to WBSIDCL:

– Better control due to storage of data in a centralised location

– Inventory management & tracking has been become much easier

– Reconciliation of Purchase and Sales helps to calculate profit on each transaction

– Efficiency levels have improved as large number of sales orders can be processed quickly

– Manpower can now focus on high end tasks rather than repetitive tasks


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