Launch of brand new digital media network — Kulfi Collective

Mumbai-based award-winning content studio, Supari Studios, alongside its sister companies Post Office and Keeda Media, have come together as ‘Kulfi Collective’ – a modern media network that brings together talent and technology to produce meaningful content that is shaping the cultural landscape for Gen Y & Gen Z audiences today. The exciting move comes at a time when the three sister ventures display a sturdy foothold in the Indian digital media ecosystem, having individually built a strong track record for themselves over the past nine years.

Kulfi Collective is a diverse team of creators, who produce online video and virtual experiences that range from branded entertainment to original content and immersive new media.

Link to the Kulfi Collective Launch video:

Supari Studios, their first venture, was founded in 2012 as a content studio that focused on helping brands create differentiated, relatable and scalable content for their audiences online. In 2017, the team set up their second vertical, Post Office Studios, recognizing a need to use technology to change the way online video content is produced. Post Office is now an award-winning immersive content and media-tech company focused on developing scalable, tech-enabled video content. The following year, the team ventured forth to set up their third vertical, Keeda Media, with the intent of building purpose-driven original content properties focused on the passions of young Indians. Under Keeda, the team launched Vitamin Stree (VS), a video-first content brand that is currently on a mission to reshape the narrative around gender & identity in India.

The three verticals have now consolidated their strengths and insights from the past decade to create a parent entity known as Kulfi Collective that aims at operating and building brands and studios that function at the intersection of content, commerce and culture for an open, decentralized web 3.0.

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