Lake Club celebrates Habib Tanvir’s birth centenary

This is the birth centenary year of HABIB TANVIR (1923-2009) who was without doubt, India’s pre-eminent theatre personality. Playwright, director, actor, singer, poet, manager, designer, visionary and teacher, his career spanning some 60 years was one of astonishing output and creativity.When Habib Tanvir established Naya Theatre in 1959 with his wife, Moneeka Misra, the group went on to redefine modern Indian stagecraft. He sang, wrote poems, directed plays, scripted dialogues, composed music, acted, and managed his theatre group, all with equal aplomb. His vast body of work in newly independent India revolved around issues such as nation, identity and democracy. He imbued the ideas of secularism, modernity and justice in everything he did.

On the inaugural day of the festival a panel discussion titled ‘Habib Ekai Eksho’ was organised to mark the birth centenary of the eminent theatre personality, poet and actor, Late Habib Tanvir. A calendar of paintings by artist Hiran Mitra on Tanvir’s plays and stage decor was also published.

Renowned theater personalities, Ms. Nagin Tanvir (Daughter of Lt. Habib Tanvir), Mr. Rudraprasad Sengupta, Mr. Shamik Banerjee, Mr. Hiran Mitra, Mr. Arun Mukhopadhyay, Ms. Jayati Bose, Mr. Ramchandra Singh, Mr. Ashok Mukhopadhyay, Mr. Meghnad Bhattacharya, Mr. Suman Mukhopadhyay took part in the discussion.

“Our journey of organising ‘Natyamela’ began way back in 2015. We were unable to host Natyamela over the last two years due to the ongoing pandemic. We are glad to announce the launch of the 7th Edition of Natyamela in 2023 for the theatre lovers of Kolkata and the region. Our idea behind this theatre festival is to touch the lives of people with hope and positivity. It is a celebration of the combination of thought-provoking contemporary art and drama,” said Mr Debabrata Datta, Joint Honorary Secretary, Lake Club.

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