KPC Medical College & Hospital observes its 16th Foundation Day

The 16th Foundation Day was held at the KPC Medical College & Hospital in the presence of numerous notable individuals at the hospital auditorium. Today the hospital, where patients are being treated by high-quality cutting-edge medical care, has evolved into a representation of the legitimacy of the healthcare industry.  Every health worker, well experienced set of doctors are rendering their services in this health institution with utmost care and love. The hospital stands tall at the position where the institution provides all kinds of emergency services for all kinds of diseases using cutting-edge technology.  In his remarks, the Chairman of KPC Group, Dr. K.P. Chaudhuri felicitated and encouraged all the health workers and doctors. Eminent doctors and personalities from every walk of life were present at the occasion such as, Dr K.P. Chaudhuri, Chairman of KPC Group; Chief Guest: Reverend Swami Jitendriyanandaji Maharaj, also known as Dilip Maharaj, of Bharat Sevashram Sangha; Dr. Indrajit Sardar, renowned orthopedic surgeon as Guest of Honour; Alokananda Roy, internationally acclaimed dancer; actress Tanusree Chakraborty; Dr. Kunal Roy, Dr. Valerie A. Luyckx (University of Zurich) to name a few. The Chairman inaugurated KPC Anthem Audio at the event (Music composed by the renowned composer Mr. Debasish Som). With background music and visuals of the campus, the Chief Guest of the event, Swami Jitendriyanandaji Maharaj, lit a lamp to kick off the occasion. Chairman of KPC Group, Dr. K.P. Chaudhuri, delivered the welcome address with visuals of the KPC Group in the backdrop (to be brought by Dr.KPC).


 Dr. K.P. Chaudhuri, Chairman of KPC Group, felicitated to Dr. Indrajit Sardar and Asim K Datta Chair in Clinical Anatomy and Surgery. He said, “Today we are celebrating the 16th Foundation Day of KPC Medical College & Hospital. We had started our journey 16 years ago, in 2008.  KPC Medical College & Hospital is the first private medical college in West Bengal. Today, everyone’s assistance helped us to arrive here. We are succeeding greatly. We are aiming to do more great work in the future. The most important thing to me is to provide the best care and treatment to the patients who are admitted to the hospital and students who come to pursue their education. Those who have already graduated, have reached a good height, established themselves and made a name for themselves in other countries such as Europe and America”.

The Guest of Honour, Dr. Indrajit Sardar, served his speech at the foundation day. In his keynote address, the Chief Guest, Swami Jitendriyanandaji Maharaj, praised all the medical professionals and congratulated them for the outstanding work that the hospital has been performing. A Musical Performance presented by Smt. Swati Roy, Executive, Students’ Cell. Another aspect of the foundation day was awards distribution. Dr. Mayurbahan Mukherjee, Associate Professor of Medicine department addressed Instrumental presentation. Departmental Performance Presentations were presented by Dr. Arabinda Ray & visuals on the backdrop. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Saurabh Ghosh and playing of the National Anthem.   


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