Kotak Securities launches three new ‘Ace Portfolios’ for Investors

Kotak Securities (KSL) today announced the launch of three new “Ace Portfolios”– a collection of curated ‘smallcase’ portfolios for retail investors. In addition to the existing ‘smallcase’ strategies available on the Kotak Securities investment platform, investors can now invest more intelligently through the three new “Ace Portfolios”. ‘Smallcases’ are portfolios of stocks and ETFs based on specific themes and strategies. These portfolios have been created by specialised research analysts.


Of the three new ‘Ace Portfolios’ – one is curated by Abakkus Asset Manager LLP (an investment advisory firm founded by Sunil Singhania), and the other two portfolios are curated by the Kotak Securities’ in-house research team. The ‘Abakkus Smart Premier League’ is a curated portfolio that helps generate alpha and risk adjusted returns for investors by creating a benchmark agnostic portfolio predominantly within the Top-250 listed companies. Kotak Securities’ own portfolios are ‘The Wall’, which provides recommendations of high Return on Equity (RoE) companies with strong corporate governance standards and ‘Master Blaster’ – a basket of large-cap stocks with diversified sectoral exposure.


Jaideep Hansraj, MD & CEO, Kotak Securities said, “We believe in adding value for investors and the introduction of a new range of ‘Ace Portfolios’ will help our investors to make intelligent decisions while investing in select portfolios. The insights that the ‘Ace Portfolios’ offer are well researched and will provide an edge to investors on the Kotak Securities’ platform.”


Sunil Singhania, Founder – Abakkus Asset Manager LLP added, “We are excited to be the first to launch Advisory services to 23 lakh customers of Kotak Securities”.


The research teams that have constructed these portfolios employ strategies including asset allocation, factor investing, corporate governance, value and momentum strategies. These portfolios are curated investment recommendations by established Registered Investment Advisors and Research Analysts and come with a nominal fee for all users of Kotak Securities’ investing platform. The recommendations will be reviewed regularly by the managers ensuring that the portfolio continues to reflect the underlying strategy.


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