Kotak FYN : A digital platform exclusively for Business Banking and Corporate clients

Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMBL) today announced the launch of Kotak FYN, its new enterprise portal exclusive for Business Banking and Corporate clients. The bank’s customers can use the portal to carry out all trade & services transactions. By the last quarter of 2022, the Kotak FYN portal will include many other services, including account services, payments and collections.

The main objective of Kotak FYN is to provide customers with a seamless experience in a unified view across all product platforms. Kotak FYN portal assures paperless transactions and the facility to track end-to-end transactions. It provides status updates, thereby reducing queries and retrieval of documents submitted along with a safe & secure channel with an authentication process. The accomplished portal will offer a host of other features like a dashboard which customers can customise, track the utilisation of transaction limits on a real time basis, access to past transactions, upcoming transaction events etc. It also promises to provide an individualised experience in minimum steps and systems stability.

Shekhar Bhandari, President-Global Transaction Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank said, “FYN is our future ready, one stop digital corporate portal which will revolutionise the way our customers perform their banking activities. FYN’s end-to-end digital architecture, increased efficiency, speed and enhanced security protocols will form the backbone of growing digital trade. We see this as a highly differentiated offering for our corporate customers and their entire ecosystem.”

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