Kolkata based entrepreneur introduces NEWOCOIN – a next gen decentralized token

In a press staement Rakesh Banerjee, CEO of the company said, “NEWOCOIN is a next-generation decentralized token offered by NETWOOD ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY (NEI) for all types of services catering to the growing world of digital artists, content creators, collectors, e-commerce, digital news services, and gamers”.

NEWOCOIN is a token created by NEI to govern the ecosystem of theentire platform from Cryptocurrency exchange to the multi utility application – Newo App. NewoCoin has a fixed total token supply of 999billion.

NEI’s primary aim is to offer a connected purchase experience throughout its product ecosystem. That way the cryptocurrency is deeply integrated into its products and the value of the token increases because of its utility. NEWOCOIN and the corresponding token creation process will be issued by NEI, and will be organized around Binance smart contracts in Blockchain technology. NEWO Coin is backed by NETWOOD Entertainment Industry (NEI)’s NEWO App.

NEWOCOIN is also traded on the cryptocurrency exchange and customers can easily buy or sell the token. Investors see NEWOCOIN as a great choice of investment in the longer term as they are unique and have the potential to increase its value faster than traditional asset classes.

Led by the Kolkata based  Founder and CEO Rakesh Banerjee, the team has a young group of professionals including Annie B. and Christopher Wu apart from the others who are based in India as part of the Netwood Entertainment Industry’s team.
NEI’s vision from day one had been to revolutionize Indian economy and make the masses financially strong and independent. Netwood’s business plan was created by the founder and CEO Rakesh during the pandemic, when he saw the world economy crashing and people suffering everywhere. He came up with an innovative idea that would change the scenario completely.With Shubhashish, Shubro and the rest of their team, they created NEWO- the multi utility App and NEWO COIN, the cryptocurrency of the biggest community in the world!

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