Know how much property Subhendu Adhikari owns?

Desk: Nandigram assembly election is the topic of any heated discussion. After knowing how much property Mamata Banerjee owns, we are curious about the Suvendu Adhikary. The BJP candidate from Nandigram has assets of more than 80 lakh rupees.

Coming to another contestant CPI’s Meenakshi Mukherjee, who is contesting for the same Nandigram seat, is the owner of the property worth more than a lakh.

As per the affidavit filed with the Election Commission (EC) this Friday, Suvendu has movable assets worth Rs 59,31,647.32 and immovable assets worth Rs 21,35,102. Suvendu also owns agricultural land in real estate. Suvendu does not own any vehicle.

Meenakshi, as compared, has movable assets of Rs 1,32,198.72. She doesn’t own any real estate though. Meenakshi owns a vehicle worth 40,000.

In context of their educational qualification, Suvendu Adhikari completed his MA. Meenakshi Mukherjee has done B. Ed.

Lastly, West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has total assets worth Rs 16,72,352.71. In an affidavit filed for her candidature on Wednesday, Mamata has movable assets of Rs 16,72,352.71. Mamata Banerjee doesn’t own any real estate or land. She also have not inherited any property. Apart from that, Mamata has no liability to any bank or any financial institution. Plus, there are no income tax dues on her name.

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