Kids walk the ramp with style and confidence

A fashion show for the kids  held in the city had everyone appreciating the children on the ramp.

The audience got a glimpse of the fabulous energy that the kids showed on the ramp that was even better than some professional models.The children were given this platform to showcase their skills and nurture their interest in fashion.Judging by the smiles on both the organisers and the parents’ faces, watching their little models stride down the catwalk, this was a very proud moment.

Kids Fashion League (KFL) is an one-of-a-kind collaborative platform for fashion brands and fashion-conscious children. Today’s fashion brands and design houses aiming to cater to niche markets and children form a very important segment in the ever growing fashion industry.

KFL provides a once in a lifetime platform for discerning children with a chance to dabble in high fashion. With premium fashion brands, education and likeskill brands and Lakme Academy being the makeover partner,KFL will provide educative entertainment as well as hands-on learning about the collaborative benefits of fashion and education.


How will your child benefit?

1)This input of education and entertainment creates an intense awareness in children about their own persona vis-à-vis the world. 2)A sense of aesthetics and personal grooming add up to children’s holistic development making them self-confident and savvy. 3)Sashaying down the runway boosts self esteem and a desire to walk tall with elan.


Photo courtesy : Kuntal Sarkar

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