Kid App Creators From WhiteHat Jr Leave R Madhavan Awestruck

EdTech start-up WhiteHat Jr’s students Manya, Agastya and Yuvraj recently interacted with celebrated actor R Madhavan to share their thoughts and motivation, which led them to create the apps PicKaboo, Pat a Pet and Med Maze, respectively. The actor spent time with the young creators to understand their inspiration, quizzing them about the development process and their experiences of learning to code. Madhavan, a technology enthusiast, was impressed by the sheer display of compassion & intellect, which went way beyond the kids’ age. These interactive sessions were released today by WhiteHat Jr in a three-part video series.

11-year-old Yuvraj Shah from Kolkata has created the Med Maze app to help people donate their unused but not expired medicine to people who need them but cannot afford them. Yuvraj hopes to be able to improve healthcare for the underprivileged by helping them access medicines easily.

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