Karatekas show their skills at 5th International Karate Championship


Recently, 5th International Karate Championship organised by All India Seishinkai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation Affiliated to Global Seishikai Shito -Ryu Karate -Do Federation officially approved member of Karate Association of India and Karate do association for Bengal and Recognized by Govt of India (Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs)and Bengal Olympic Association concluded.4000 participants across the globe from counties like Sri Lanka, Iran , Bangladesh , Bhutan Nepal ,Mayanmar etc participated

The event was organised by popular international figure in the field of Karate “Hanshi Premjit Sen” ( Referee and Judge : World Karate Federation , Coach and Judge : Asian Karate Federation , Technical Member : South Asian karate Federation.

Presiding as the chief guest at the event, BJP National Secretary Rahul Sinha appreciated the efforts being made by the organisation to promote karate and expressed his immense pleasure to see that the players have come across from allover the world.

“Karate will be a part of the Olympics from 2020. Our players have achieved tremendous success in global platforms.India has a bright chance in doing well in the sport.” said Hanshi Bharat Sharma,WKF Technical Commission Member & First Sr Vice President ,Karate Association of India.Addressing the young players, he asked them to play the game with utmost dedication and sincerity  to excel in Karate.

“Traditionally , Japan was dominating the karate scene.But know the sport is flourishing especially in Iran and countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Egypt. Our students are doing extremely well and bringing laurels for the country. Arinjeeta Dey has won a silver medal in the World Youth Cup.She has shown tremendous calibre to perform there at such a young age. We are very thankful to all the parents who have sent their children to learn karate. ” said Hanshi Premjit Sen.

Shihan Balram Mitra, General Secretary,Nepal Karate Federation and Executive Secretary, South Asian Karate Federation & Referee-AKF , Judge – WKF said”Karate is increasingly becoming popular in Nepal. Our players has been participating and has already achieved a reputation and recognition and earned prizes at different regional and international sports events”

John Bagul, principal, South City International School said “There is so much pressure on students to perform well in their exams and attain high grades. Many parents themselves do not understand the importance of extracurricular activities.Co-curricular activities are just as important as academics. They both complement each other to develop a well-rounded student.Education should go beyond the four classroom walls; it should be more than just books.Learning Karate helps to promote physical fitness and mental strength in children”

“Karate  must be practised by every girl as it teaches discipline, control, physical fitness and mental alacrity and self-defence. Some parents fear that martial arts may encourage aggression and violence in kids. But this concern is baseless and has no logic.The lessons of respect, discipline, and concentration that a kid learns from these classes ultimately may groom and shape his personality” said Sensei Maria Chakraborty, Asst.Instructor, Honke Shotokan Karate-Do Association Bangladesh – HSKA BD and Associate Director (Physical Education) at Asian University For Women.

Techno India’s Director Manasi Roy Chowdhury encouraged the girl students to learn karate  and self defence techniques in the wake of rising incidents of crime against women.


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