Journalists get Basic Life Support Training

Manipal Hospital, one of the leading healthcare providers in the country, has conducted the Basic Life Support training for Journalists on Tuesday at their Salt Lake unit in Kolkata. This training included basic lifesaving skills from simple home emergencies to critical situations, and how one should tackle and help to save lives during emergencies. Dr.Paromita Kanjilal Chakraborty,Consultant – Emergency Medicine, Manipal Hospitals, Salt Lake, Kolkata trained the journalists on Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other Basic Life Support programs.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Paromita Kanjilal Chakrabortysaid, “Basic Life Support (BLS) training is meant to provide initial medical aid to a person during an emergency. More than 80% of cardiac arreststake place outside hospitals, and in India, most people are unaware of CPR training. If a person is trainedfor the CPRmethod,they can rescue a life inan emergency situation. We wanted to start this training with the journalists as they are the frontline warriors and they spend most of theirtime outside the four walls of homes and offices interacting with the common people. By giving them the BLS training they will be able to help others in emergency situations.”

Mr. Arindam Banerjee, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals, Salt Lake, Kolkata said, “We have taken this initiative towards helping people learn about the importance of saving lives in the golden hour. Any degree of emergency requires basic care and first aid before reaching medical expertise. This makes it crucial for everybody to be aware of the treatment steps for various kinds of emergencies that can help in saving and preventing the maximum damage.”

Manipal Hospitals also gave away certificates to the journalists at the end of the program. This initiative was taken up by Manipal Hospitals post their rebranding.

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