Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinical trial

Peerless Hospital has been selected as the only trial venue in the East for Johnson & Johnson for their single dose vaccine which is currently being used under emergency authorization. In a statement Dr Subhrajyoti Bhowmick, Clinical trial specialist and clinical Pharmacologist and Director, Clinical Research Peerless Hospital, Kolkata said, ” we shall be recruiting 100 participants at this site, six such sites have been selected for this trial of this unique single dose vaccine. I am confident we shall get enough volunteers for the clinical trial as vaccine supply is short and the supply of Covishield and Covaxine is less than the huge demand. The ratio shall be 3:1 as three volunteers will get a vaccine while one person shall get a placebo.    We are now awaiting the ethics committee approval on which we shall embark on the clinical trials”, concluded Dr Bhowmick.

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