It is important to be happy with each other regardless of the age – Srabanti

Age is just a number and that is absolutely true when it comes to true love. Echoing the same sentiment, Zee Bangla Cinema is all set to offer Srabanti and Bonny starrer a great entertainer rom-com movie ‘Ajob Premer Goplo’ on 22nd August 2021 at 6 PM. In candid conversation with Srabanti:
1. Tell us about your role in the movie (What’s the name of the character? How did you prepare for the role?
Ans: Shrabanti: In this movie ‘Ajob Premer Golpo’, I’m essaying the role of Sulagna. She is a very sweet, lively, helpful girl who lives with her mother. She has struggled in her life, but the hardship did not let her moral down. I did not take any special preparation for the role. Before the shoot, I used to talk to Raja da about the requirement and emotion of the scenes.
2. It has got a very interesting plotline; tell us how was it working with each other?
Ans: When we were first reading the script together, we found it very interesting. We had so much fun during the shooting with all of the people on the floor. Many members from Bonny’s family were present on the set. There is a beautiful dance sequence in a song which we shot with fun.
3. How was it working with the director?
Ans: Shrabanti: Rajada is an amazing director and a mesmerizing personality. In the past, we have tried to work with him but I couldn’t; may be because the time was not appropriate. I loved working with his lovely team as well. I would definitely want to work with him further.
4. We see a lot of relationships where the woman is older than the man, what’s your take don’t he same?
Ans: Shrabanti: I have seen many couple in my family where the wife is elder than the husband and they are very happy. They have kids who are school going. It is important to be happy with each other regardless of the age.
5. Srabanti, do you think girls feel more insecure when they date a younger man?

Ans: It is still a taboo in recent time where a woman needs to be younger than the man in a relationship. If an older woman is in love with a younger man, then there should not be any question of insecurity. I am sure that she was well aware of the fact before entering into the relationship. In this movie, Bonny is younger than me because our movie gives the message that age does not matter until two people are happy with each other.

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