International Justice Mission Hosts Award Ceremony On Human Rights Day

International Justice Mission (IJM), Kolkata, with the support of Jibontala Block Development Office and Canning Women Police Station today presented awards to Adolescent Group Members and Child Marriage Survivors on the occasion of Human Rights Day. The awards were presented to them by Mr Suman Chatterjee, Block Development Management Officer (BLPO), Jibontala, and Ms. Tanushree Mondal, Officer-In-Charge, Canning Women Police Station.


Adolescent Groups consists of children between the age group of 13-19 years, who are part of the Village Level Child Protection Committee (VLCPC). Four representatives from the children’s group become members of VLCPC to share and ensure that issues related to child rights violation are addressed before the VLCPC in their community.


These groups act as the watchdogs and immediately raises alarm or complain to the VLCPC/Childline and local police in case of any child rights violation. The adolescent groups are created to provide a safe space where children/adolescents can express themselves and raise issues that concern them. They also help the VLCPC in generating awareness in child rights and play a vital catalytic role in implementation of comprehensive community-based interventions.


Seven Adolescent Group Members and Child Marriage Survivors of four Village Level Child Protection Committee (VLCPC) were conferred with the award that included a trophy, certificate, and stationary kits.


The awardees were selected based on the proactiveness of the Adolescent Group Members in reporting cases to the Village Level Child Protection Committee (VLCPC) and stopping child marriages from happening.


“From being a victim of child marriage to becoming a member of a group to report such activities is a big transformation. We salute these children for their strong and continuous support. The idea for such an occasion is to inspire others around their areas to come forward and report child abuse cases happening,” said Mr Saji Philip, Director of Operations, International Justice MissionKolkata.


Initiatives like this are steps to inspire everyone to stand for basic human rights and fight for it.

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