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Choosing a career after High School or after 12th Board Exams in India is tricky business. Most students fall in the trap of herd mentality and end up choosing a stream for which they don’t have aptitude. The old career choosing formula in India; If it’s a boy – Engineer, if it’s a girl – Doctor; doesn’t help either. A career is like a life partner, you will be spending the whole of your adult life in that stream, making a mark on society through it, earning from it and basically giving your most fruitful years to it. Thus, it is important that this decision is well thought out and every factor has been considered. Interior design, is fast becoming the sought after career choice in India, with scope rising for designers and a booming market for Interiors. Interior design has thus become the premium potential career for aspiring students.

The International Institute of Fashion Design, (INIFD) Lindsay Street, one of the city’s most reputed fashion design institutions, inaugurated its Annual Exhibition 2019 for Fashion and Interior Design.

The Annual Exhibition showcased many remarkably-designed garments by the fashion design students of the institute. The students of the interior design department displayed artistic interior exhibits, many of which left the judges awestruck. The event was graced by the presence of actress and model Sanjana Banerjee who made her Tollywood debut last year in ‘Fidaa’. The exhibition is a creative extravaganza by the students who took great pride in showcasing their work based on innovative themes and concepts. The fashion design students turned to the geographical features of our planet for inspiration. They created garments and accessories as well as sets based on their interpretations of deserts, beaches, forests, hills and even the heaven above. A number of themes including ‘Reve d’Amour’, ‘Chimera’ and ‘Princess of Arendelle’ received huge appreciation from the audience. The students created a sense of illusion, fantasy and out-of-the-world feeling, producing an enchanting ambience for the spectators.

INIFD follow a 360-degree education approach in which practical knowledge of the field is given importance through such hands-on exhibitions in which students do all the work by themselves without any professional help. ‘Style Direction 2019’, the Interior Exhibition by the graduating students of the Interior Design Department successfully displayed their creations under this year’s theme – Cabana. The audience got a chance to experience the students’ brilliant takes on desert cabana, beach cabana, jungle cabana and mountain cabana and the fashion designing students displayed the theme fantasy.


Speaking on the occasion, John Mantosh, Director, INIFD said, “The Exhibition aims at giving a platform to our students to showcase their innovative creations and is very inspiring. We feel truly proud of such vibrant and unique interpretations showcased by our students. They are exceptionally talented and will achieve great success in the future.”

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