Information booklet on nephrotic syndrome launched

Nephrotic syndrome in children is a kidney disorder seen in children. In this disease, protein is lost in the form of urine, which causes a deficiency of protein in the body. Children with nephrotic syndrome are at increased risk for infections, either due to an immunocompromised state (disease process itself) or due to therapeutic interventions. This ‘acquired’ immunodeficiency is due to multiple factors including edema that predisposes to entry as well as spread of infections, urinary losses of factors of complement
pathway and impaired leukocyte and splenic function.

“Nephrohelp’s Guide to Nephrotic Syndrome” a comprehensive guide aimed at providing a detailed understanding of this complex medical condition. Nephrotic Syndrome is a condition that affects the kidneys and can lead to various complications, especially in children was released at a program on Friday, 10th March’23 at a city hotel. The program was organized on the occasion of the World Kidney Day.

Mr Daneile PANFILO, Head, Finance Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata along with Prof (Dr.) Apurba Ghosh Executive Director ICH, Prof (Dr.) Jaydeb Ray, Principal ICH and  Prof (Dr.) Rajiv Sinha, Paediatric Nephrologist, ICH graced the occasion.


The program was organized by Nephrohelp in association with Institute of Child Health, Kolkata.


Nephrohelp is a charitable initiative by a young student Amey Agarwal for supporting kids suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome. This idea was initiated by Amey as he himself is a victim to this syndrome at the tender age of 2years.By the grace of GOD, love & support from his friends and family under the treatment and mentorship of Dr. Rajiv Sinha (Paediatric Nephrologist, ICH) he is better now. These tough and difficult times made him release that he is truly blessed by GOD. Thus, he thought of helping the under-privileged children who are not so lucky.

Amey believes that “there is no greater gift than the gift of life, we not only make a living by what we get but we make a life by what you give.”

Amey Agarwal himself overcame the nephrotic syndrome under the medical guidance and treatment of Prof Dr Rajiv Sinha by the age of 12 and it struck him about similar conditions of children who come from challenged conditions of the society and not as lucky as him, so the idea of Nephrohelp was born and he dreams to take this forward and his efforts  took shape through his organization helping Warisha and Gaurav being supported with an amount of Rs 8 lakhs over a period of 7 months through donations and contributions from philanthropists towards Amey’s dream project Nehphrohelp.


Dr.Apurba Ghosh says “World kidney day gives us an opportunity to spread awareness about kidney diseases. Children with kidney diseases are the most vulnerable and also often the ones with limited access to health care as parents find it difficult to believe that kidney diseases can effect humans at such young age. Nephrotic syndrome happens to be a common kidney disease in children and there are many misconceptions regarding the treatment of the same. I thank Amey for showing such compassion to these economically deprived children and helping ICH in time of need. This booklet on nephrotic syndrome is meant and dedicated for all parents caring for children with nephrotic syndrome and I am sure it will provide them with a comprehensive knowledge about how to care for these children.”

“The biggest obstacle we face while treating children with nephrotic syndrome are the misconceptions in the minds of their parents and relatives. Although we try to counsel them in details,it often becomes impossible to address all their queries. Hence, we decided to write this book in an attempt to equip the parents better with all the dos and donts of caring for these children on a day to day basis. I am hopeful it will help them understand the disease better thereby improving the overall long term outcomes of thesechildren” says Rajiv Sinha, head of paediatric nephrology at the Institute of Child Health (ICH)

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