India’s G20 presidency: L20 meeting in city to discuss on the issue of Women and Employment

The burning issues of working class was assinged to be dicussed in L20 forum among their shareholders and its inception meeting was held in Amritsar, India 18-20th March this year. Representatives of all national Trade unions and international delegatesfrom G 20 countries met and debated the problemsin common frame to inculcate issues of all G20 countries in that meeting.

TUCC as a responsible& recognised National trade union was invited to participate in Amritsar L 20 inception meeting and also given Chair of two important sessions and during future plan meeting, was further entrusted with organizing 3 of its thematic events out of 15 across the country,in Kolkata, Guwahati & Srinagar (TUCC National general secretary  Shri S P Tiwari appointed as the chief  co-ordinator of the events).

Out of which the first is scheduled to be held,with the support of Labour and employment dept, Govt of West Bengal, on 16th April ,2023 on the subject of Women and employment at Utsav Mancha.Eminent scholars , researchers, experts, social activists and trade unions will attend and  deliberate upon the subject which is multilayered and multidimensional specially, in this tech-driven world, the matter demands comprehensive debate and discussions  and the recommendations on the subject issue in theme, would be presented before G20 through L20 chair for inclusion in the final draftof deliberation and adoption by G 20 countries.

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