To fulfil the aspirations of the well-wheeled enthusiasts, who drive petrol-fueled high-end automobiles, Indian Oil has unveiled a special grade of high-performance Petrol named XP-100 which is best in its Class in India.
The same was rolled out by Indian Oil in presence of Hon’ble Minister of Petroleum Natural Gas in January 2021. The product was subsequently unleashed in all the major towns across India. In Kolkata, initially it was started in 3 Retail Outlets and later in June ’21 another Outlet was added.
Indian Oil’s XP100 has superior antiknock properties which improves engine power with faster acceleration, enhances fuel economy and offers better drivability with increased engine life. It also helps contribute towards a healthy and cleaner environment with reduced carbon emissions.
Adding a feather in the crown of Atmanirbhar Bharat, Indian Oil empowers India to join the league of select advanced Nations like Germany and the USA that offer 100 Octane high performance fuel to demanding customers across the country. It is an innovative achievement of IndianOil through intense and sustained efforts of its world class R&D, harnessing indigenously developed technology that uses an interface of multiple production streams and quality systems.
The product caters to the niche Customer segment possessing high end vehicles requiring more power. To create awareness among the Customers and to promote the same, Indian Oil has decided to observe the first Sunday of every month as “XP-100 Customer Day.” In this context, eminent high-end Bike enthusiasts of Kolkata powered by XP-100 fuel are being invited on 05.09.21 at Mira Service Station, New Town as a special occasion.
The event was presided by Shri Pritish Bharat, Executive Director & State Head West Bengal State Office along with Shri Manash Routray, GM (RS) West Bengal and other Officials from Indian Oil in presence of the Channel Partners.

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