India evacuated 18 Nepali citizens from Israel, Foreign Minister Saud expressed gratitude to EAM Jaishankar

The return of people to their homeland continues under ‘Operation Ajay’ which was initiated to bring back Indians from war-torn Israel. Under ‘Operation Ajay’, the fifth flight carrying 286 Indian citizens, including 18 citizens of Nepal, reached Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi late on Tuesday night. This showcases that India has once again stood by its neighbouring countries, bringing back their citizens as well from areas of conflict. 
On arrival, Union Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting and Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, L. Murugan welcomed the rescued people. EAM Jaishankar also tweeted, “286 more passengers are coming back to India. Also carrying 18 Nepalese citizens.”
Nepal’s Foreign Minister N. P. Saud expressed his gratitude towards EAM Jaishankar and tweeted, “Your Excellency @DrSJaishankar, we appreciate this help in difficult time. Nepal and Nepali people are thankful.” Furthermore, after the evacuation, Nepal’s Ambassador to India said, “We thank the Government of India for bringing back the Nepali citizens from Tel Aviv to Delhi.”
Ambika, a Nepali citizen who returned from Israel, said, “The situation in Israel is dangerous. We were scared. Explosions were taking place. Thanks to the Government of India for bringing us back.”
Whenever disasters or war-like situations occur in any part of the world, India immediately ensures to safeguard its people and bring them back to their loved ones. If we look at some examples of recent years, we will find that whether it is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, or the violence in Sudan, India has always shown readiness, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
India had rescued not only its own people but also citizens of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives, China, America, Madagascar and South Africa during the above-mentioned rescue operations.

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