Increasing demand for homoeopathy

Today India is a hub of homeopathy and India has the largest number of homeopathic practitioners in the world and has the largest number of colleges in homeopathic education. The course curriculum in homeopathy is one of the most well defined course in our country. Also the homeopathic manicuring is taking a u turn and coming at being standardized as per international norms

Dr Sudipta Narayan Roy, Chairman, ASSOCHAM Ayush National Task Force said that, Indian Homoeopathy Sector can lead in exports of Ayush products. He said Ayush is a sunrise sector to be reckoned with, in the 1st Alumni meet of P C M H Hospital and Medical College, organised under the leadership of Dr Sahidul Islam, National Joint Secretary, HOMAI .

Dr Roy, said globally Homoepathy industry is growing at 14% CAGR and expected to reach 18.5 billion US$ by 2027. He appealed to the more than 450 Homoepathy practitioners in the gathering to actively participate in the National ambition of 5 Trillion dollar economy by promoting and patronizing Homoeopathic medicines Made in India. He assured that, the quality standard of Indian Homoepathy medicines are at par with the imported European medicines. He added, India is regarded as Home of Homoeopathy, with 20% annual growth rate in the industry.

With more than 3 lakh Homoepaths, India would be a destination of Holistic Healthcare in near future.

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