In Bengal, Modi greeted the worker by touching his feet

Desk: When Narendra Modi was addressing a rally organized for the assembly elections in West Bengal, only then a BJP worker present on the stage touched the Prime Minister’s feet.

All the people present in the meeting were surprised when in return, Narendra Modi also greeted him by touching his feet.

Let us tell you that on Wednesday, 24 March, Narendra Modi came to address a rally in Kanthi, Bengal. All the leaders of the area were present on the stage with Prime Minister Modi at that time. Then one of them went ahead to touch the feet of the Prime Minister. After this, Modi also overturned and touched the feet of the worker.

The video of this incident was posted on the official Twitter page of the Bharatiya Janata Party, There was a caption – BJP is a Sanskrit organization where activists have a sense of respect for each other. When the BJP worker came on the stage to touch the feet during the election rally in West Bengal, Narendra Modi also greeted the worker by touching the feet.

After this, he addressed the public and said that on the day of March 10, Mamata Banerjee had falsely accused the people of Nandigram in front of the whole country. He said that this is the same Nandigram where the people gave so much to you and now it will give you a befitting reply.

Let us tell you that March 10 was the day when Mamta Banerjee’s leg was hurt while returning from Nandigram. He accused the BJP for this. However, the Election Commission has declared it an accident.

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