Improving Access to Quality Critical Care Services in Eastern India

Critical care deals with critically ill patients who require intensive care for various medical conditions that are immediately life-threatening but reversible.The Covid pandemic highlighted the challenges faced by the country with regard to its critical care infrastructure. Studies have indicated that India has just 2.3 critical care beds per 1,00,000 population as against 10 to 11 beds per 1,00,000 population.

Critical care sector in India started as a designated area of the hospitals to treat the life-threatening diseases. However, with time, need and emergence of various new diseases, it has evolved many folds in terms of its expansion as a speciality offering expertise for better clinical outcome and patient care.

Cloudphysician, a new-age healthcare company focused on critical care delivery via technology today announced that it has partnered with Medica Superspecialty Hospital. The tie-up is significant as it can help revolutionize ICI) patient care across Eastern India.

Medica with the support of Cloudphysician. has deployed a Smart-ICU platform across its ICUs in Kolkata and neighbouring regions creating a technology enabled critical care delivery ecosystem that ensures equitable delivery of high quality critical care across the entire network.

In addition to Medica’s flagship hospital in Kolkata the technology platform is being deployed in small and medium sized partner hospitals of Medica throughout east India. This allows superspecialists at Medica Kolkata to manage not only their own ICU patients in Kolkata but also manage ICU patients across the eastern India network of hospitals ensuring standardization of care and access to high quality critical care to patients in all the connected hospitals. A centralized care center in Medica Superspecialty Ilospital in Kolkata. houses highly trained Medica intensivists who monitor and manage ICU patients across the network.

Speaking about the tie-up.,Dr. Dileep Raman, Cofounder and Chief of Healthcare, Cloudphysician stated. ” We believe that our partnership with Medica will bring about a much-needed change in ICU and critical care facilities across hospitals. in India. Cloudphysician’s Smart-ICU solutions have helped manage ICUs at over 70 hospitals across India and has served over 40,000 critically ill patients- across India with a marked improvement in outcomes and a reduction in Mortality rates and greater compliance with standard of-care protocols.-

Dr Aviral Roy, Consultant-lntensivist at Medica Superspecialty Hospital said ”There is tremendous need for quality medical care in the Indian hinterland. With  the booming economy, now high-end ICUs with the latest equipment have been set up but they have no technically qualified staff to man these units. The partnership of Cloudphvsician with Medica allows the delivery of Medica expertise and specialization in critical care using Cloudphysician’s game changing proprietary technology RADAR to the most remote locations. Bringing the state-of-the-art technology and top quality healthcare experience to a majority of the Indian population allows for quicker recovery and patient experience and satisfaction.”

The partnership represents a significant strategic shift in the critical care space as more and more enterprise hospitals embrace technology enabled services offered by Cloudphysician.

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