ICICI Lombard introduces innovative Face Scan Feature

In line with its digital-first approach for consumers, ICICI Lombard has introduced an innovative face scan feature to its signature app, IL TakeCare (ILTC), enabling the checking of vitals in couple of minutes.

An industry first, the innovative solution, introduced under the ‘Know Your Health Vitals’, the banner of the app, helps users keep track of vitals such as blood pressure, SpO2(oxygen saturation), heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability, and stress level, all without any additional devices and from the comfort and safety of their homes. With the recent spike in COVID cases, there is an increasing awareness of the need to monitor these vitals regularly. Users can check these vitals using only the app, avoiding the cost and hassle of maintaining multiple gadgets like a blood pressure monitor, an oxygen meter, and so on. The app is seamless, with a comprehensive wellness solution that promotes a preventive rather than a curative approach. Along with the primary owners, this disruptive platform can be used by their family members too.

Significantly, digital solutions have witnessed an accelerated acceptance during the pandemic. The ILTC app, which recently witnessed a milestone of one million downloads, has added new features to the application, including mental well-being, easy-renewals, post-policy health check-ups, contactless motor claims services, health booster renewals, health risk assessment, and wellness goals.

Product innovation that is tied to a deep understanding of customers’ emotional and practical needs and wants, coupled with the ability to quickly get those products to customers, is at the core of all solutions by ICICI Lombard. The ILTC app has shown promising consumer adoption, with customers benefitting from the program’s diverse features spanning insurance and wellness.

In the past, the company has introduced several innovative, new-age solutions, for its customers, including cloud-based insurance, easy online renewals, teleconsultation for policy purchase, easy claims registration, and more. ICICI Lombard is committed to developing technological solutions that make it easier and more convenient for insurance customers to purchase or renew their policies, as well as simplify their service needs.

Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard said, “ICICI Lombard flagship IL TakeCare App, has been one such step of our commitment to customer centricity rooted in their overall wellbeing and governed by empathy. In a highly competitive scenario, we believe long term value creation will depend more on delivering differentiation through digital first, DIY and immersive approaches for new age customers. Face Scan feature is a powerful innovation to democratise health checks, going beyond the realm of a transactional relationship to delivering a frictionless and engaging experience in the current times. Furthermore, our ILTC app has seen encouraging traction and growth with over 1.2 mn downloads, over 25% MoM growth on new policies, over 200 teleconsultations daily and over 1/3rd of our health claims now being settled through the app. We envision to provide the best- in-class digital experience to our customers and partners and many more breakthrough innovations in the time to come.”

The ILTC App has multiple unique features being rolled out for both retail and corporate customers. They include heart rate, oxygen level, and stress level checks in less than a couple of minutes using a face scan, access to teleconsultation at the customer’s convenience via audio, video, and chat, wellness blogs, and cloud-based storage for all policy-related documents. The app facilitates the booking of post-policy check-ups with only a few clicks, real-time claim tracking through the app, and a customized CHI renewal flow, to name a few.

In addition to this, the app can also schedule medical tests and receive results. Through this app, OPD customers can avail cashless visits to doctors and clinics and order medicines with home delivery via this app. The software runs on Android and iOS phones. Customers can access this service by downloading the ILTC app from the App Store or Google Play.

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