Hysteroscopic complete septum removal surgery done successfully in city

Mrs Reshma had a very traumatic delivery, almost comparable to a nightmare situation. She started pain while 26 weeks, admitted to hospital. Without almost apparently any reason, she started labour pain and baby decided to come out. Without any advanced neonatal set up in districts, there was no glimmer of hope of survival. And obviously the baby did not survive. But the afterbirth did not come out soon afterwards. Intravenous fluid was started with medicines to start contraction but that failed too. She was put to sleep so that doctors could take out the placenta ( afterbirth) manually. But nothing worked. The neck of the womb became shut down and ultimately medicines was given to dissolve the placenta. Bleeding and pain continued for nearly one month. Next few years she and husband desperately tried for baby but nothing worked. In fact doctors could not find out reason for her childlessness. Then she consulted Dr. Sudip Basu, a renowned infertility specialist who found out her uterus, cervix ( neck of the womb) and vagina is completely divided in two halves by presence of a septum ( curtain) which need to be removed if she wants to conceive. For the same reason, she had the problem of retained afterbirth last time. She had a procedure called Hysteroscopic complete septum removal to make the womb one cavity ( like normal person) and within next three months she conceived normally and delivered a healthy baby under his care.

Dr. Basu said “ Hysteroscopic septum removal is not a difficult procedure if proper instruments and skill is present. Complete septum is rare, but awareness about its existence is also important. Nowadays Hysteroscopy is also used for removal of intra uterine tumour which can be accessed only through Hysteroscopy. Basu said “ Very recently I almost lost a patient while doing operation for an intrauterine tumour as patient developed allergic reaction to Glycine” The media used for visualisation of the tumour and making the energy source work. Recently Gynaecologists are moving towards doing operation under water which is much safer option. Recent innovation in the form of intra uterine tissue removal system ( Truclear) helps avoiding any energy source thus making possible to remove even big tumour while patient is awake in your chamber. In fact patients watches the whole procedure and engage in conversation with the operating surgeon. Our special workshop focuses on this newer form of treatment and trains gynaecologists with live surgeries, thus soon making this ultramodern treatment available in Kolkata.

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