Humongous 270 gm Prostate Removed from an 83 year old man at Fortis Hospital, Kolkata

In what might be termed as a rare and complicated case, a 83-year-old man was operated for a 270 gms prostate tumor at Fortis Hospital, Anandapura. The patient hailing from Jamshedpur had been suffering from the past 4 to 5 months and he was in cathedral for last 1 month and unable to find the right medical advice at his hometown and was referred to Fortis Anandpur.

The patient S N Das was having immense difficulty passing urine and subsequently was put on a urinary catheter. XX days. He was also suffering from severe urinary complications.

Mr. Dashad sought medical consultation at his hometown.The doctors had suggested medications; however his health condition did not improve. Investigations showed that he came with an MRI prostate that showed the prostate is of 270 gm again another ultrasonography was done that confirmed the prostate is of 270gm and to operate the HoLEP surgery method was used a humongous prostate of 270gms, 14 to 15 times larger than the standard size – a rare occurrence. Ideally, the weight of the normal prostate is somewhere between 15 to 20 gms.

The patient required surgery for permanent cure. However, operating on an 83-year-old with multiple comorbidities and humongous prostate of 270 gms was challenging. DrShrinivas Narayan, Urologistand his team at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur decided to go ahead with the Laser prostate surgery- Holmium Laser Enucleation of the prostate, also known as the HoLEPsurgery.

DrShrinivasNarayan, said, “With the advent of Laser technology and newer surgical interventions, this surgery was possible. Through this procedure, we were able to remove the entire prostate in one sitting, there were no external cuts neither was any blood transfusion required. For an 83-year-old to go through surgery despite themultiple co-morbidities and considering his agefactor, shows the kind of determination Mr Das had to survive and live a good life. To my knowledge, a case with such patient history and prostate size of 270 gms is a first in the entire Eastern region of India to which has been successfully treated with HoLEP procedure.”


Mr Das was discharged on the third day after the successful surgery and went home without the need for a catheter. The patient is now in excellent health. He is slated to visit the hospital after a month for a follow-up routine check.

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