Hulladek to diversify their waste management offerings

Hulladek Recycling Pvt Ltd, a leading electronic and electrical waste management Company, today, announced their ambitious future plans under which they would be diversifying their waste management offerings. To begin with, Hulladek will start widening its reach by adding more waste management streams to its list of solutions like Battery Recycling, Plastic Recycling,  and Used Oil Recycling, catering to a broader variety of environmental concerns. This strategic shift will enable Hulladek to play a larger role in tackling today’s most serious environmental concerns.


Hulladek will thus collect and channelize for recycling a variety of batteries, including lithium-ion, lead-acid, and others. This initiative will aid in the prevention of harmful substances contaminating the environment. The company will actively participate in plastic waste collection and recycling, fostering a circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of plastic pollution. Their new services will make it possible to dispose of spent oil like edible oil, transformer & generator oil, and other waste oil in a safe and environmentally beneficial manner, avoiding improper disposal and the accompanying environmental risks.


“The waste management industry thrives on collaboration instead of competition. The problem of waste in India is so massive that no one player can be big enough to solve it alone. We have partnered with multiple brands so as to provide our clients with a one-stop solution for their waste by collecting different waste categories from consumers or bulk consumers and channelizing each category to its respective recycler. By 2025, we would cover all the major cities across India”, said Mr Nandan Mall, Founder and Managing Director, Hulladek Recycling Private Limited.


Hulladek Recycling’s linchpin vertical of Extended Producer Responsibility also gained substantial momentum with the introduction of the New E-waste Management Rules 2022, Battery Waste Management Rules 2022 and Plastic Waste Management Rules 2021 as they have increased the list of e-waste items from 21 to 106(effectively 134). Hulladek Recycling producers, manufacturers, importers and brand owners of electronics, battery and plastic fulfil their EPR compliances as laid down by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF & CC) along with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).


“We are not only expanding our warehousing capacity in Kolkata & Jamshedpur, but we also are coming up with a recycling facility in East India. We are also diversifying into device refurbishment, as well as assuring correct recycling of electronic, battery, and plastic waste. We are collecting 3000 – MT of E-Waste every year and the figure is expected to go up to 8000 MT by 2025”, added Mr Nandan Mall.




Hulladek Recycling has made some strategic alliances with other organizations in the waste management sector to seamlessly execute this herculean task of managing multiple waste categories. They have associated with GemCorp Recycling & Technologies Pvt. Ltd for recyclable plastic waste (Categories 1 to 6), Eastern Organic Fertilizer Pvt Ltd for non-recyclable plastic waste (Category 7), APL Metals Limited for battery waste, Inspec Oils Limited for spent oil for industrial use and WeShuddi for edible oil waste.


The generation of electronic waste and other waste have been growing consecutively since the past decade. In 2022, India generated close to 4 million tonnes of e-waste. On an average, e-waste can be valued at approximately Rs.50 /- kg which implies that the e-waste industry in India is worth INR 2000 crores. According to the industry estimate, the percentage of e-waste being recycled is poised to increase from 5 % to 10 % by 2025.


Hulladek Recycling has plans to introduce a range of office stationaries and gift items through upcycling of e-waste items in 2024. These products will be manufactured from the e-wastes collected at Hulladek’s company’s warehouses.


Since its inception, Hulladek has been at the forefront of collecting and channelizing electronic and electrical waste across 20 states in the country, covering 38 cities with 15 franchisees and 45 collection centers. The number of franchisees will go up to 30. and the collection centres to 75 by 2025. Hulladek Recycling currently have 2500+ clients from varied sectors including FMCG, Banking, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government & NGOs. The company also provides Door-to-door collection from 10000+ households, which would go up to 25,000 households by 2025.


Hulladek conducts extensive awareness campaigns and collection drives in several schools and colleges of Kolkata, Ranchi & Guwahati among other state capitals in Eastern & North Eastern India, reaching out to various schools and colleges and resulting in a collection of more than 3000 tonnes of e-waste in FY 2022-23.


The company’s commitment to sustainable practices, stringent environmental regulations, and responsible recycling has made it a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking ethical and eco-friendly waste management solutions.

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