Huge pharmaceutical and automobile investment opportunities for India in Bangladesh

In a discussion session organized by the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce with the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Rizwanur Rahman, president and delegation head of DCCI, said that there is no border barrier for Bangladeshi businessmen. Businessmen go anywhere for trade and investment, Bangladesh has immense potential for investment in pharmaceutical sector, entrepreneurs can solve many problems of commerce through bilateral business with Bangladesh, entrepreneurs in the field of automobile and light and engineering in Bangladesh. You can also invest in it, foreigners can.

To attract exchange, DCCI has been quite active. Investment of $ 320 billion is needed to increase infrastructure in Bangladesh. The process for this has already started. He says that thousands of entrepreneurs are associated with our chamber in 38 categories, small and big, who contribute to the development of the economy and creation of jobs. The goal of the organization is to promote trade, investment and industrialization in the country. Bangladesh is working for the development of the business sector. The chamber focuses on market oriented inputs in view of the implementation of the government’s import export policies, investment banking and insurance.

In her welcome address, Shailja Mehta, president of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce, said that India-Bangladesh relations have improved in the last few years. India is a major trade partner of Bangladesh in South Asia. Trade between the two countries has increased, due to which economic relations have also deepened. Today, many diplomatic, economic and security agreements have been signed between India and Bangladesh. Relations between the two countries are getting deeper. Member of Calcutta Chamber of Commerce Rajendra Khandelwal said that Bangladeshis need to learn a lot from their business strategy. Their policy follows the business strategies of PM Narendra Modi, so they are successful in business. Bangladesh is second in terms of textile in the whole world, it is a role model in business. M

any entrepreneurs including Sushil Podar, President of Confederation of West Bengal Trade Association were also present in the program. 50 representatives of DCCI from Bangladesh were present. In the source, the Vice President of Calcutta Chamber of Commerce KK Kejriwal gave the vote of thanks.

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