How Apna gave wings to Shekhar’s engineering dreams

A resident of Purba Bardhaman in West Bengal, Shekhar Patra found himself caught in a wave of uncertainties and worries as he was struggling to fund his engineering degree. With limited resources available, it became crucial for him to find a job to support his education and make his ends meet.

In pursuit of becoming an engineer, he not only wanted to learn the know-hows and necessary skills for a successful career, but also wanted to give a better life to his family and himself.

After deciding to find a job for himself, he started looking out for options to find the best possible match. It came as a ray of hope for him when he searched for ‘best Indian job platforms’ on Google Playstore and discovered Apna.  Without wasting a moment, he quickly started applying for jobs, sent over 40 applications and started giving interviews to end his troubles.

“I badly needed a job as it was getting extremely difficult for me to fund my education. It was very tough for me as the opportunities were very limited. I want to thank the team at Apna for developing the platform. My life has completely changed. I am now able to pay my fees and also manage my expenses easily after getting the job.”

Today, Shekhar is working as a Customer Associate in Fushion BPO. He is now able to continue his engineering degree without any worry for a better future.

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