Hi Tribe to offer delicious food platters and invigorating cocktails

Located at Globsyn Crystals, EP Block, Saltlake, Sector V, right in the heart of the bustling IT hub of Kolkata, Hi Tribe is a brand-new gastro-club dedicated to providing a unique mix of refreshing drinks and mouth-watering food. The dream project of hospitality sector professional Suman Chatterjee, the distinctive pub and dining experience which the place promises to deliver, is fuelled by a combination of innovative ingredients and quirky
Hi Tribe promises to be an inventive pub catering to all your needs with its careful selection of delicious food platters and invigorating cocktails. The place boasts of lavish menu incorporating a wide range of unique and innovative dishes and unique drinks. Some of the signature creations include Sinhalese Chilli Fish, Oriental Octapussy, Whistle Wali Mutton, Singaporean Poh Pai, Tandoori Thai Red Curry Pomfret and the Cloudy Chicken Tikka. Cocktails like the Polka Spikes, Drunk by the Bay, Arabic Indulgence, Thai High, Ganna Wala Mojito, etc.
are sure to raise spirits to newer highs.
The interiors of the place reflect a sophisticated yet unconventional look through its careful selection and innovative use of lights and materials. The meticulously designed ambiance radiates opulence and a sense of distinctive suavity. Hi Tribe pledges to cater to the new genre of party people ready to take on the most extravagant & avant-garde carnivals from all around the world. With a carefully curated menu to cater to the myriad tastes and preferences of gourmands and gastronomes alike, this spanking new party destination at Saltlake, Sector 5, is committed to organise the grandest parties incorporating the trendiest foods, the funkiest
cocktails & grooviest tracks, all at one point!

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