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Tobacco is imminence to public health. According to the reports of WHO, it has been successful in claiming more than 8 million lives on a global scale. It has not only affected people with direct use but has also claimed around 1.2 million lives of ‘passive smokers’. Tobacco is a slow poison that kills people every day from inside. The temporary high and relaxation it provides makes people rely on it. Little do they realize that it has placed them on a ticking time bomb which would blast and result in maximum damage further leading to casualties.

The lungs, as a part of the human body, ends up suffering the most. According to Dr. Ranjan Das, consultant, CK Birla Hospitals, CMRI, “With the pandemic situation of Coronavirus, the respiratory system gets triggered as a primary prey to it. So, it is very important to strengthen our immunity. Smoking can just worsen such situation as it directly affects the respiratory system which plays a vital role in the human body. Smoking, as a temporary relaxation, at the cost of human life is not worth it. The lockdown has increased the rate of smoking as people are staying indoors and have chosen to smoke in the fleeting moments with a false notion of quitting after the lockdown ends. It is that one bad habit that can turn your whole life upside down, leaving you clueless of what next.”

Triggering the immune system has its effects on the most evident part of the human body that is, the heart. According to Dr Anjan Siotia, Senior Consultant, CK Birla Hospitals – BM Birla, ” Smoking shows it effect on the heart as it increases the heart rate and blood pressure. It causes blockages in the heart arteries. Smoking also has a harmful effect on the clotting of blood. All this leads to an increased risk of heart attacks in smokers. So, it is suggested that people should stay away from bad habits such as smoking. Regular checkups are advisable to keep your heart in good shape. People who want to quit can also seek medical help as smoking in a long or short-run, will harm human health and immunity.”

Cigarettes are the most consumed form of tobacco. The reason being, initially as millennials it is peer pressure, slowly while approaching to the working stage people start confiding in it as their stress buster and by the later stage, they’re just used to having it and there’s no going back from that point. The mindsets of people have become adamant to the fact that ‘death has to come so why not enjoy now’. The temporary enjoyment is what leads to a permanent painful health condition. People tend to ignore the regular check-ups and stay skivvy of their wrong-doings by being ignorant to the situation.

People should try indulging in productive activities such as sports, cooking, music or any hobby to keep themselves busy in quarantine at these lockdown times. It is always better to share any of your problems or stress and not falling back to tobacco as a stress buster. Always remember that a person is responsible for not just his/her life but, also of those around them. So, be smart and act responsibly. Say NO TO SMOKING.

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